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Fisher HeatBlocker Skylight Shades and Covers block heat, UV and glare.

Beat the cost of high utility bills with our see thru exterior skylight shades. Reasonably priced. Standard and custom sizes for home and workplace.  US made.  Easy to Install.

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Fisher HeatBlocker Skylight Shades

Skylight Shades & Covers

Fisher Heat-Blocker Skylight Shades and Covers block heat, UV, and glare.  Skylight shades often pay for themselves in just one season due to savings on energy consumption and cooling bills.  Fisher exterior skylight covers are reasonably priced and made in the USA.  Enjoy easy installation, with no tools necessary!  You can still bask in that natural light and enjoy the sky view as our skylight shades are see through.  We offer standard and custom sizes for home and workplace.   

Fisher Products skylight covers blackout heat, harmful UV rays, and glare while allowing you to still enjoy the beautiful sky-view and natural lighting.  Learn more of the benefits of sun blocking shades for skylights here. Heat and damaging UV rays are reduced up to 90% as our skylight covers outside block heat from ever entering your home.  There are no tools required to install our exterior skylight covers.  Simply slip the skylight shades over your skylight and our bungee system grips onto the skylight frame to hold the shade securely in place.  Our solar skylight shades pay for themselves in utility savings during the hot summer months and your air conditioner will experience less wear. You will experience less heat build-up in your living space, reduced glare on your TV and PC and a more comfortable, consistently cooled environment. Call us to learn more at 888-215-2569 or contact us online.

The 80% and 90% material blocks are see thru!

Looking out of the see through solar material allows you to enjoy your skylight while reducing unwanted heat, glare and UV.

See the difference - 2 skylights side by side!

Looking up the left skylight has a Fisher Skylight shade installed and the right skylight does not. Notice how the glare is reduced.

We make shades for many shapes and sizes of skylights!

Some of the shades we made for different customers.

Residential customer with several trapezoid skylights!

One of our commercial jobs for a residential customer.


I am so glad I found your company.  Your super fast shipping was unreal.  We ordered on Tuesday and got them the next day.  We installed two skylight covers and the result is unbelievable.  The glare from the skylights was unbearable in our den from the hot Texas sun.  Your product is very well made and they are so easy to install.  We are in a two story and the only problem my 81 year husband had in installing them was coming down the ladder, lol.  Thank you for such a great product and I assure you we will be ordering a 3rd one.

CH Kilgore TX

Skylight dome covers are easy to measure for a custom made cover and even easier to put on skylight! They make our room cooler for the summer and we remove for the winter months when we welcome more sunshine. Highly recommended- well made and very durable.

Margaret from Yorktown , Va.

We absolutely love these covers!  I had ordered 2 a few years ago for our lake cabin, then just recently ordered one for our house.  All were custom, and all fit perfectly.  It makes the house so much more comfortable, and we spend less on heating/ cooling. It also takes away the glare from the sun being directly over the skylight in our living room. These are wonderful!

NS Grapevine WA

 I have been using my skylight covers for over 4 years and they are as good as new.  They have cut my summer heating cost down and kept my a/c unit from  turning on till later in the afternoon. In addition our furniture won't have to bear the direct sun's uvr's. Thanks for a great product.

JP Grants Pass OR

I ordered 3 of the standard size 90% skylight screens.  Once they arrived it took me less than 10 minutes to get the ladder, get on the roof , install the shades, and put  the ladder away.  And they work GREAT!  I was afraid they would make the room dark,  but the room is still bright, and much cooler now.  Great product. It does what they say it will.  Two thumbs up, 5 stars, and YES I would recommend this product to everyone.

A. O. Marilla NY

 Thank you so much for manufacturing a fantastic skylight cover!  I had been trying various solutions to cool down my bathroom which has a single skylight which is proportionally huge compared to the size of the bathroom!   I tried shade cloth with velcro, various types of suction auto shades, etc.  My bathroom is so much cooler with your skylight cover.  The cover fits perfectly and the grey matched my grey roofing material.  Thanks, also, for your excellent customer service. I hate getting up on the roof to mess with the swamp cooler but it was a joy to climb up there to install the skylight cover.  Thanks for making my summer in the California desert a bit more pleasant!

E.F. Joshua Tree CA

I ordered shades for all my skylights and just installed them a  few days ago.  I cannot believe the difference they make in the temperature in the house!  I had no idea they would be so effective.  We live in Houston where it is very hot in the summer, and we have an old, flat roofed house with many skylights.  This solution is perfect.  It filters the light and reduces the heat.  Yes, I had to adjust a bit to the rooms being darker than before, but once I was used to it, I really like the lower light levels.  And I really like the heat reduction in the house.  I am so pleased.  Wish I had done this eons ago.  .

G. H. Houston TX

Thank you so much for making such a great product. My business partner and I recently purchased a new building to move our small technology company into. Our new space has three wonderful large skylights that provide us great natural light throughout the day. One of the skylights is directly over our showroom and at certain times of the day the glare makes it hard for our customers to see the products on display. We ordered one of your skylight shades in hopes that we could preserve the natural light but reduce the glare. I'm writing you today to let you know that your product is exactly what we were looking for.

AG Ventura CA

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