Benefits of Fisher Sun Blocking Shades for Skylights

Sun Blocking Shades for Skylights

sun blocking shades for skylights

Skylights are a beautiful addition to any room; however, skylight owners know that there are consequences to the skylight feature.  Skylights are far worse than windows for letting in the sun’s heat as they typically face the sun directly and are not as well-insulated as windows.  Our sun blocking shades for skylights can help you enjoy those beautiful skylights again.  All Fisher HeatBlocker products are made in the USA.  The skylight covers are cost-efficient and energy-efficient additions for any home or place of business, often paying for themselves in just one season.  The various benefits of our sun blocking shades for skylights are listed below:

Skylight Shades Save Money

Our sun blocking shades for skylights are reasonably priced and will save you money, often paying for themselves in just one warm weather season.  The key factor for saving you money is that our skylight shades are designed to absorb the sun’s heat before it reaches your skylight.  Your summer air conditioning bill will be reduced as our skylight shades block 80-90% of heat generated from the skylight.  The exterior mounted skylight shades are up to 7 times more effective than interior blinds or tinting.  You will also see reduced fading on carpet and furniture as harmful UV rays are blocked.  In winter months, our skylight shades can reduce wind chill factor and frost build-up.  You’re less likely to experience a broken skylight lens during hail storms or severe weather when our skylight shades are installed as they protect the skylight.  Enjoy a more comfortable indoor temperature, more efficient air conditioning, and save money with our Fisher HeatBlocker skylight shades.

Easy to Install Skylight Covers

Our skylight shades easily slip over the exterior of your skylight to block the sun’s heat and harmful UV rays before they enter your home or place of business.  The bungee system is sewn into the cover and will grip onto the skylight frame so there are no tools required to install our heat-blocking skylight shade.  No drawing or tying of the skylight screen's elastic cord is necessary.  Our Fisher Products skylight covers can be used on commercial or residential skylights.  They can be used to cover clear, bronze or frosted skylights.  

Green Benefits

Protect your loved ones from harmful UV rays that are entering your home through your skylight.  Our skylight shades are made of recyclable materials and installed on the exterior of the skylight to block harmful UV rays before they enter your home or workplace, we even provide solar skylight shades material.  You will also reduce energy consumption and add years to your HVAC unit by installing our heat-blocking skylight shades. The material we use is endorsed by The American Melanoma Association.

Beautiful Skylight View

Our skylight shades cover your skylight but still allow you to enjoy that beautiful sky view with 90% reduction in glare.  You can still enjoy the natural light and outward visibility.  Balance the benefits of the sky view and ambient light with the perks of blocking up to 90% of the sun’s heat – it’s the best balance possible for skylight owners. Call us to learn more at 888-215-2569 or contact us online.

  • Reduce your air conditioning bill in summer by blocking up to 80% to 90% of the heat generated from your skylight while letting light through your skylight.
  • Reduce furniture and carpet fading due to UV from your skylight.
  • Reduce wind chill factor and frost build-up on your skylight in winter.
  • Reduce broken skylight lens during hail storms.
  • Can be used to cover clear, bronze or frosted skylights.
  • Reasonable prices 
  • Are easy to install. 
  • No tools required.

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