google-site-verification: googleb69f600e020f79ef.html How to Order a Fisher Skylight Shade –

How to Order

  1. Click on the Catalog and find the picture that looks like your skylight.
  2. Decide which color you want to order (dark brown or light gray).
  3. Decide which material block you want to order (80% or 90% heat block). This is for heat, UV and glare.  You can see thru both material blocks.
  4. If ordering standard dome skylight shades use the drop down box to select the size of your skylight.
  5. If ordering a non standard custom dome or other types of custom skylight shades measure your skylight using the drawing on the product order page as your guide then enter your precise measurements to place your order. Note prices displayed are price per square foot.
  6. If ordering DIY solar material only enter the measurements of the size you need.  Note prices displayed are price per square foot.