Energy Saving Tips

If you have a skylight buy a Fisher Skylight Shade. Save energy and excess wear and tear on your air conditioner by purchasing an exterior Fisher Skylight Shade to block heat, glare and UV while allowing you to continue to see thru and enjoy your skylight. Great for both home and office.

Your ceiling fan can help improve your comfort. In the fall and winter months operate the fan rotation in a clockwise direction. Most fans have a switch that allows you to operate the ceiling fan in the either a clockwise or counter clockwise direction. The clockwise direction creates a gentle updraft by forcing warm air near the ceiling down into the living space below. Reverse the rotation back to the counter clockwise rotation in the summer months.

Use a power strip as a central point to turn electronics, video games and computers on and off. Place the power strip in an easy to get to location and always turn the power strip off when the electronics are not in use to save energy.

Check the seals on your refrigerator and freezer doors. Replace the seals if they are broken to save energy.

Only run your washing machine and clothes dryer when you have full loads. If you need to wash smaller loads be sure to set the water level to only use the amount of water required for the smaller load to save energy.

Consider upgrading your attic insulation and repair duct work that could be leaking air. If you require help find a licensed contractor and possibly qualify for a rebate from your power company.

Consider purchasing a bi annual maintenance contract on your air conditioner and/or heating unit. Changing the air filter every 30 to 90 days will decrease the work load on your unit and save energy.

Only run your dishwasher when it is full. You can save more energy by turning off the dry setting.

Replace old light bulbs. According to research replacing 6 of your most frequently used bulbs with LEDS can save you up to $480 over the lifetime of the bulbs.

Insulate your hot water pipes. Insulating your pipes and especially the first six feet leaving your water heater can get hot water to you faster and saves energy.  All you need is a few minutes and a pair of scissors and some self-sealing pipe wrap.

Use your hair dryer on a cooler setting. Using the higher setting uses more wattage and is hard on your hair.   Save energy by reducing the temperature setting and you can save up to 70% energy usage.