BENEFITS: There are many benefits to be gained by using a Fisher HeatBlocker Skylight Shades. It is a fast and easy way to save on utility bills. See our Benefits page for more benefits.

OPEN CORNER: Please keep in mind the corners of the Fisher solar screen is left open.  This is by design and does not mean the product has torn, ripped or come unsewn.

LIP: Normally, the bungee system grips at the lip of the skylight frame. In rare instances a skylight may not have a lip as the frame is flush with the box the skylight frame is mounted on.  The bungee system is strong enough to grip around the frame if there is not a lip.  In this case, do not measure to the roof for your lip measurement.  The lip measurement should be to the depth of the skylight frame.

SHARP CORNERS: On rare occasions a skylight frame may have very sharp corners that can poke a hole through the material.  The material should not continue to tear if this happens.  Very sharp corners may be dulled with a file before installing the Fisher Skylight Shade to reduce the possibility of wearing a hole in the skirting material. 

KNIFE EDGES: On rare occasions a skylight frame may have knife edges. Knife edges are capable of cutting through the material.  It is recommended to dull the knife edges of the frame prior to installing. This may be done with a file or any other way you choose.

80% VERSUS 90%: The 80% product blocks up to 80% of the heat and up to 75% of the UV from the rays from the sun and decreases the light by approximately 50 to 60% depending upon the time of year, sun angle, clouds, etc. The 90% material blocks up to 90% of the heat and UV from the rays from the sun and decreases the light slightly more than the 80% material.  

PETS: Versatile in its uses, this durable, pet-resistant screening blocks between 80% and 90% of the sun’s rays.

CLEANING: Easy to clean with just a little soap and water,  Do not use any chemicals or brushes to clean this product.

SPECIALTY MATERIAL: We offer a 100% light and heat block material.  If interested call for details.

ROLL WIDTH:  Our rolls come in 96 inch width. Any skylight with a  dimension greater than the roll width will require a seam.

SHIPPING: All orders within the lower 48 states are shipped UPS ground. All other orders are shipped USPS. 

SPRING AND SUMMER SHIPPING SCHEDULE: Standard size product ships within 3 business days.  Custom product ships within 10 business days.

FALL AND WINTER SHIPPING SCHEDULE: Standard size product ships within 5 business days.  Custom product ships within 12 business days.