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See below for some of Fisher Skylight Shades and Covers customer testimonials. We would like your comments and opinions after you have had the chance to use your Skylight covers! You can also check our Google reviews.  https://g.page/ShadeSkylight/review?gm  


Posted 05/17/23:  Your product has withstood exposure to the AZ sun for 10 years. These covers are on our windows 6 months each year (April to Oct) during the most intense sun and monsoon storms. They have only been blown from the windows once during a storm last year. It was the first time they have ever moved during our summer storm season. We are highly impressed and so grateful for the cost savings these little screens have provided. I only hope the next set last just as long.  A Taylor Chandler AZ

Posted 08/29/22:  I am very happy with it.  What a difference it makes. S.N. Ann Harbor MI 

Posted 08/15/2022:  I just wanted to tell you how much I love my skylight covers.  That have made all the difference in my efforts to keep cool and spare the air conditioner a little bit!  Thank you so much!! New York, NY

Posted 08/08/2022: Just want  to say that I am very  happy with the skylight shades order  I received. They are working just as advertised. I have 4 large skylights that were giving a lot of unwanted heat These shades are working great. Thanks for what you do. L.R. East Northport NY

Posted 08/08/2022: Our tenant is very happy with the new shades. They really do help to keep the store cool. J.D. flagstaff AZ

Posted 6/29/2022: I received my three skylights and my husband put them on this morning.  We are enjoying a cooler back porch and kitchen.  Thank you for the fast service, good product, and for the tracking updates. I will recommend Fisher Products to anyone I hear of that might benefit. God Bless. K.N. Weatherford, TX

Posted 06/13/2022:  Received our skylight covers yesterday afternoon and my husband put them on this morning. Considering it was 105 here today in the Central Valley of California they were a welcome addition to our efforts to keep our house cooler and our cooling bills down.  They fit perfectly and it was obvious that they were making a difference by this very hot afternoon. I’m so glad I found your website when I did. I will be ordering a second pair in the near future for our family room skylights when the homemade ones my neighbor created for us wear out. Thank you again for such a high quality product and the quick turn around. I will be recommending your products to everyone I know here!  J.T. Stockton CA

Posted 06/07/2022:  I got my cover today and have already installed it. It fits perfectly and looks great. From the inside, it fits so well that it is difficult to tell there is a cover on it; except for the loss of the glaring sun. This is a replacement for one that I have had for several years that has been beaten up and faded by elements. Hope this one lasts as long. S.T. Dallas TX

Posted 05/26/2022:  Shades fit perfectly!    Thank you so much for  being so  conscientious with making sure our measurements were correct... The shades fit perfectly.   It's not sunny today, but I am sure they will help with the heat when it is.   The temperature could get to 100 on a warm sunny day.   I love that you can see through them.  We had previously had more of a tarp fitted over with  a pipe to hold down, that didn't work very well and you couldn't see  through to the sky.   These are perfect to see the sun, clouds and moon at night.! I will probably order more.   Let's spend the weekend honoring those who lost their lives protecting our freedom.  M.S.  Chicago IL

Posted 04/29/2022: Thank you for the shades.  They arrived today and are already on the skylights.  The fit was perfect, so thank you for your call (I think it was Janet) verifying the measurements.  Installing them was a breeze and the filtered light inside is pleasant.  We love it that we can still see the sky.    Modesty I Mount Vernon WA

Posted 10/04/2021:  I just wanted to say Thank you for all your help in getting the best skylight screens. I waited a while to make sure the information you gave me was spot on. You told me I would be amazed at the difference in the heat and lighting in our living room with 3 skylights that was an understatement. My wife has light sensitivity and I was tired of sitting on the sofa that I could cook on. Our house is cooler and my wife's eye sensitivity is very manageable. We both like to thank you for a Great Product. Mark L. Winter Springs FL

Posted 08/26/2021:  Received in good order and condition. Fitting as promised and expected.  Thank you.  DS Tuxedo Park NY

Posted 08222021:  Thank you for a beautiful product.  I know we will enjoy the UV protection.  They seem to be lovely quality and fit well.  MR Solano Beach CA

Posted 08062021:  I just wanted to tell you that my wife and I are so pleased with the skylight shades. They are making a tremendous difference in our den area. Also, the time you put in to answer my questions was greatly appreciated. Thank you so much and enjoy the rest of the summer.  DJ  Wethersfield CT

Posted  07/222019:  Quality products and excellent service. Definitely my go to place for these items.  BF Clayton MC

Posted 09/10/2018: We ordered, received and installed two 4’x8’ skylight covers last summer. Extremely happy with them. We’re just south of Tucson, AZ and wondering if there is any good reason to have them removed during the winter season? Thank You!  LB Green valley AZ

Posted:  Oct 10, 2018:  We love our shades! You are awesome and so is your company!  MS  Del Mar CA

Posted  07272017: We ordered our first cover in 2008.  Great Product! V.S.  Austin TX

Posted 06/22/2017:   This is my second set of skylight covers.  They work great!  D. W.  Metairie, LA

Posted 08/07/2015: I am so glad I found your company.  Your super fast shipping was unreal.  We ordered on Tuesday and got them the next day.  We installed two skylight covers and the result is unbelievable.  The glare from the skylights was unbearable in our den from the hot Texas sun.  Your product is very well made and they are so easy to install.  We are in a two story and the only problem my 81 year husband had in installing them was coming down the ladder, lol.  Thank you for such a great product and I assure you we will be ordering a third one.  CH Kilgore TX

Posted 6/11/15: Already received. Holy cow that was fast!  Fits perfect. C.T.  Colony TX

Posted May 4, 2015: Skylight dome covers are easy to measure for a custom made cover and even easier to put on skylight! They make our room cooler for the summer and we remove for the winter months when we welcome more sunshine. Highly recommended- well made and very durable. Margaret from Yorktown , Va.

Posted 04/23/2015: already have the 90% dark brown and love them. Now I want the 80% grey. M J. Yorktown VA

Posted 07/12/2014:  Just wanted to send some pics -  a side by side comparison one window with your shade  and the other without a shade. I was looking for a pic like this when I ordered them. We bought the shades about a year ago - so glad we did.  Huge difference in temperature and glare. This weekend my husband was weatherproofing the skylights and took one of the shades off- it reminded me to send the pic in. TP Lake Villa IL 

Posted 07/10/2013:  we absolutely love these covers!  I had ordered 2 a few years ago for our lake cabin, then just recently ordered one for our house.  all were custom, and all fit perfectly.  it makes the house so much more comfortable, and we spend less on heating/ cooling.  it also takes away the glare from the sun being directly over the skylight in our living room.  these are wonderful! NS Grapevine WA

Posted 07/18/2013:  I have been using my skylight covers for over 4 years and they are as good as new.  They have cut my summer heating cost down and kept my a/c unit from  turning  on till later in the afternoon .  In addition our furniture won't have to bear the direct  sun's uvr's. Thanks for a great product. JP Grants Pass OR 

 Posted 05/29/13: I have some for my home, recommended for work.  Also, super nice telephone help! K.H. Everett WA 

Posted 05/29/13: Ordered this before and very satisfied  G.S. Los Angeles CA

Posted 3/23/13: Great job on the last order!  I am back!  S.S. Dallas TX 

Posted 03/17/2013: Thanks for looking up last order in 2006.  I wanted to make sure I bought from same company. You have a great product.  Really like your product for them to last 6 years in this hot Tennessee with no shade at all says a lot for your product. Thanks much.   J.L. Bartlett TN

Posted 7/27/2012:  Thanks for the quick service.  They all fit my skylights and I look forward to saving on my electrical bills. R.J. Dallas, TX

Posted 06/18/2012: 

I ordered 3 of the standard size 90% skylight screens.  Once they arrived it took me less than 10 minutes to get the ladder, get on the roof , install the shades, and put  the ladder away.  And they work GREAT!  I was afraid they would make the room dark, but the room is still bright, and much cooler now.  Great product. It does what they say it will.  Two thumbs up, 5 stars, and YES I would recommend this product to everyone. A. O. Marilla NY

 Posted 06/15/2012: I am happy customer and I love your product. I have another skylight on the other side of the building that is the exact dimension as my previous order. Can you duplicate this order? RM San Francisco CA

Posted 06/15/2012: We ordered one cover last week to test for size and effect, and the decrease in the temperature of our upstairs hallway was so dramatic after just one day of use that we are ordering covers for our other two skylights.  There is still sufficient light to navigate the hallway with the cover on, and the reduction in temperature (and air conditioning costs) will more than offset any increase that might come from turning on one of our LED lights when needed.  Great product! K. S. Wash DC

Posted 08/02/2011:  I was nervous after ordering the skylight cover….perhaps we hadn’t measured it correctly……would it fly off in a storm??  However…..the shade fit perfectly and the BEST part is…..our breakfast room is so much cooler with a softer light.  We LOVE our skylight shade!!!  P. R.  Belen, NM

Posted 07/0/12011:  Thank you so much for manufacturing a fantastic skylight cover!  I had been trying various solutions to cool down my bathroom with has a single skylight which is proportionally huge compared to the size of the bathroom!   I tried shade cloth with velcro, various types of suction auto shades, etc.  My bathroom is so much cooler with your skylight cover.  The cover fits perfectly and the grey matched my grey roofing material.  Thanks, also, for your excellent customer service. I hate getting up on the roof to mess with the swamp cooler but it was a joy to climb up there to install the skylight cover.  Thanks for making my summer in the California desert a bit more pleasant! E.F. Joshua Tree CA

Posted 06/06/2011: I ordered shades for all my skylights and just installed them a  few days ago.  I cannot believe the difference they make in the temperature in the house!  I had no idea they would be so effective.  We live in Houston where it is very hot in the summer, and we have an old, flat roofed house with many skylights.  This solution is perfect.  It filters the light and reduces the heat.  Yes, I had to adjust a bit to the rooms being darker than before, but once I was used to it, I really like the lower light levels.  And I really like the heat reduction in the house.  I am so pleased.  Wish I had done this eons ago.  G. H. Houston TX

Posted 06/06/2011: I just wanted to say how pleased we are with your product.  The skylight cover has significantly cut the heat in our kitchen. I would recommend your product to anyone that wants to lower the temperature in their house and most obviously, lower their electric bill.  R.G. Tempe AZ 

Posted 06/06/2011: Just wanted to let you know the screens fit perfectly!! P.W. Carefree AZ

Posted 6/6/2011: They are fantastic and easy to install!I T hey are hand made plus have a warranty .My neighbor wants them!!!!!!! A.O. Peoria AZ

Posted December 6, 2010: I purchased a pair of your skylight shade screens earlier this year and think they are great. They were easy to install and really have effectively filtered the direct sunlight in our morning room making it much more comfortable, especially during the summer. L.A. Middletown DE

Posted Sept 1, 2010 Product received in good order and condition. fits well. noticed immediate effectiveness. thank you. DS Tuxedo Park NY

Posted July 28, 2010 

With the Heatblockers installed on our two skylights, the soft, filtered light that enters the room even at noon makes you think nothing has changed.  The room still feels open and airy and the sky and trees are still visible - which is why we installed the skylights to begin with.  But then you appreciate the value of the Heatblockers.  It is noon and the normally hot room with two shafts of bright, hot sunlight is now comfortable!  For the first time the air conditioner can keep up with the heat load in midsummer...  even during our recent heat wave in the New Jersey area with temperatures in the high 90's!  Amazing!! RJ Princeton NJ

Posted July 26,2010 Just wanted to tell you that I was really quite skeptical that your sun shades would do much good, but we put them on the two 4x4 skylights in our kitchen and they have made a huge difference. We haven't yet had to deal with high winds to see if they will stay on, but so far we are very pleased. A M Golden CO

Thanks: Received my covers in about a week and half. These things are great. Received them yesterday and waited for the sun to set so I could climb on the roof and install them. Yesterday temp:95.Couldnt wait  for morning to see results. I could not believe the heat difference. These thing will probably pay for themselves in no time plus I am very comfortable. Light in room is still sufficient but w/o the heat. Mine are the 80%.Thanks again .RR Atlanta Ga.

Thank you so much for making such a great product. My business partner and I recently purchased a new building to move our small technology company into. Our new space has three wonderful large skylights that provide us great natural light throughout the day. One of the skylights is directly over our showroom and at certain times of the day the glare makes it hard for our customers to see the products on display. We ordered one of your skylight shades in hopes that we could preserve the natural light but reduce the glare. I'm writing you today to let you know that your product is exactly what we were looking for. AG Ventura CA

June 18, 2010 We purchased two custom size skylight covers at the 80% sun light blockage back in April 2010 and cannot believe the difference the covers make.  It is true they block the sun but still let the light in.  We have high ceilings in our family room where the skylights are located and it is amazing the difference in temperature in the room with the covers.  We live in south Florida and believe me they work.  It took 5 minutes to install them.  Thank you. KV St Lucie FL

Just wanted to let you know that my skylight shades arrived (about two weeks ago--very fast).  They fit beautifully, and I really appreciate how they block the heat while letting in some light.  Thanks very much your efforts to get these right. JL Somerville MA

I ordered custom made 90% skylight blockers on May 24 and received them today June 3 2010. Very impressed with receiving my order so quick to Ohio. Opened the Box grabbed a ladder had both installed in less than 15 mins.  Fit and Look great. It was cloudy when i put them on but the sun popped out about 30 mins later. I could tell the difference in temperature of my dining room immediately.  So if this 62 yr old lady can tackle this easy job I'm sure anyone can do it. SS Piqua, OH  

We received our heatblocker skylight cover and it fits just fine. It went on without any trouble and seems snug. Thanks again for your help. KC Casselberry FL

We lost a skylight during Hurricane Ike. But, our neighbor found the skylight (shade still attached) in his pool. I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that you have a great product, the shades held on even during a devasting hurricane, where we had winds in Houston of over 80 miles an hour. HA Houston TX  

Just wanted to let you know my husband and I could not believe the difference in temperature when the Heatblocker was installed over our skylight in our bathroom. The temperature must have dropped 10-15 degrees immediately. MH Kingwood, TX  

 I installed my HeatBlocker in June and have reduced my electric bill by $35 a month. It was easy to install and satisfied my wife's concern about seeing out.     Thank you. RH Round Rock, TX

This is actually a duplicate order that we placed in July 2008. As we have 4 skylights, we wanted to try 2 first to be sure that we liked them. We love them, which is why we are ordering 2 more. NB Brewerton, NY

Installed my first Heatblocker last week on a 8' x 8' skylight. It cut the mid-day room temp by at least 15 degrees. The air conditioning is running 3 hours less per day. Perfect fit too. I've ordered a second Heatblocker. Thanks! DT Gates Mills OH

I had my teenage sons install our custom made Heat blocker on July 1st and felt a instant drop in temperature.  My wife says it's at least 15 degrees cooler in our upstairs bedroom and bath.  Our skylite is about 10 feet by 4 feet and was custom made size.  It fits perfectly.  I will tell everyone at our next home owners meeting of your amazing product. Thank you,  D T Spring Valley, CA

 I just received my skylight cover and put it up today and I was absolutely shocked and happy that it fit properly number one and it actually dimmed the light in the room like you promised it would!  I will definitely spread the word to others who have skylights and are looking for a cover.  KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!! A F Fayetteville NC

We just received our 2 skylight covers from you.  There are few perfect products in this world, yours is one!!!  Perfect fit, exactly the right amount of cutting heat and letting light in.  We could not be more pleased.  Many thanks.  SG & JG  Phoenix AZ

Wow!  Just a note to thank you for the great skylight covers.  The sun still comes in but at a fraction of the way it use to.  The dining room and bedroom doesn't bake out.  The furniture is protected.  Thank you again, we love them. J W Groton CT


Thanks you, We are thrilled with our three skylight screens. It is amazing how much they cut down on the amount of direct sunlight, brightness, and heat penetration, yet still provide a nice skylight effect. We haven't even had to use a fan once since they were installed 6 weeks ago, and we have had some hot weather in southern California this summer! I would heartily recommend and endorse your outstanding product. Your excellent website made online ordering a snap. One Happy Customer J C Chino Hills CA

This was the best investment ever, your heatblocker is absolutely wonderful - it works better than I thought it would!  Now the living room actually cools down when I turn on the A/C.  Excellent workmanship. M V Yuba City CA

What a difference in our sunroom. We can still see out but the heat coming in has been reduced a lot! Thank-you for your prompt delivery and excellence of product. K M Gales Ferry CT

Bought your shades, love them, and need more! A O Costa Mesa CA

Just wanted to let you know, we got our first electric bill after installing your skylight covers and our bill decreased by $100 per month. That's some serious loot. Thanks for making this great product! S A Maitland FL

I purchased one and love it and need another one. G B Houston TX

Already bought another two from you - they work great. Very nice workmanship. Thank you. J T Santa Fe NM

We received our custom ordered "heatblocker" for our living room and kitchen skylight.  My husband climbed on our roof to install the shade after a morning rain shower.  The sun came out and boy is it "STEAMY".  The "heatblocker" is magnificent.  I highly recommend your product.  Our house is many degrees cooler!!!!  Thank you  S.H. Eden Prairie  NM.

Absolutely, please feel free to use me as a reference. Cheers B.S. Dallas TX

Thank you so much for sending the skylight shades so quickly! They are exactly as you described on the phone and fit perfectly. I couldn't believe that my husband just climbed up on the roof and slipped the shades over the skylights and voila! Instant heat reduction in the house plus, I'm not worried about our new carpet getting faded where the sun comes through the skylights. Your web page certainly made it easy to figure out what size to order and whether or not we needed a custom size. I guess you could say we are part of the "older generation" and certainly not used to ordering things over the internet, but your prompt phone call to verify my order and take my credit card put me at ease. Then, when the shades arrived promptly as you said they would and as great as you indicated, I'd encourage anyone to use your web site and feel confident they would be getting great service and a wonderful product. R.P. Everett, WA.

Just wanted to let you know that I received the shade and installed it today. It fits perfectly and is doing it's job just fine. Thank you. P.C. San Pedro, CA

I just wanted to let you know that your product has made our home office bearable in mid-afternoon, cutting the heat and glare drastically. Despite the stormy weather, the shades have stayed on with no problems. Thanks much for a great product. A.J. Ellicott City, MD

Just installed our new covers. We love them. Thank you! S.F. Cloverdale IN

I recently placed and order for five skylight covers and received the covers on Friday.  They fit perfectly and it's so nice to once again have protection.  Initially we thought they were too small trying to put them on due to the snug fit, but once on all four corners and pulled in place, they are perfect!  It's so nice to visit a user friendly web site and purchase a product that is accurately represented and works. Thanks so much for your prompt response and for my new skylight covers.  I had forgotten how much cooler my kitchen is having the skylights covered. Thanks again. C.R. Palm Beach Gardens, FL

I just would like to thank Fisher Products for making an excellent skylight shades that has saved my summer in California. This past July, temperatures in my area exceeded 110º and my wife and I were miserable! We found your website on the Dogpile search engine. Your site was so easy to assist me in measuring and placing an online order for my CUSTOM sized dome skylights. Your website calculated the price, I used my credit card and with 3 weeks (because my were custom) we had them delivered to us via UPS. Prior to receiving, I contacted your office where a friendly, knowledgably representative confirmed my order and gave me tracking details. I've attached before and after photos (inside and out). J F Redlands CA



I just wanted you let you know how happy we are about our skylight cover.  We have a 4x4 skylight in our kitchen and, after easily installing the cover, we are enjoying a huge temperature difference.  It has been over 90 degrees here in Albuquerque and we haven't even turned on the air yet.   I highly recommend this product to anyone trying to decrease the interior heat in the summer.  It's great! HM Albuquerque, NM

The shade arrived today. I installed it without a problem, the fit is perfect. You will find our new order for 2 identical shades in  your order mail. Thank you. KM British Columbia Canada

I am extremely pleased with my HeatBlocker. They arrived quickly and were a breeze to install. Nice tight fit, holding up in 40 mph winds. In a recent heat wave here in N. California where it was 102 for 3 days, we made it with out air conditioning for the first time we've lived in this house (5 yrs) What a great product. I expect to save the cost of all 3 of them in the first 3 months. Thanks so much. T S Northern CA

What a difference your product has made!  It lets the light shine through yet has significantly reduced the heat.  The HeatBlocker is durable, economic, easy to install, and truly effective!  Thank you for the outstanding service. J M Rowlett TX

Thank you for your help and kindness. We have the Heat Blocker shades and they are wonderful. Did not know how warm it was in the kitchen until it was cool. Thanks again, It was a wonderful experience doing business with you. K B Pensacola FL

Please note that results of one customer my not be typical to all customers as each individual situation can vary depending upon location of skylight or varying circumstances.