Unlike a skylight blind our exterior skylight covers are easily installed without any tools by slipping the skylight cover over the skylight and allowing the elastic bungee cord to grip either on or under the skylight frame. No drawing or tying of the elastic cord is necessary. During the winter months, the Fisher skylight cover can be removed for access to solar heat. Notice our product is easily installed on the outside of the skylights to prevent heat from transferring through the lens into the living or work space below as opposed to skylight blinds that are installed on the inside and allow heat to transfer through the skylight lens.  Our skylight covers are a lot different than traditional skylight blinds that will not allow you to see through the skylight when the blinds are closed.

 Here is what it looks like from the roof with a solar skylight screen installed.

Here is what it looks like from the inside of your room looking out of a skylight with a Fisher Skylight Shade.

Below is what it looks like from inside when your skylight has direct sunlight on a sunny day. A customer took the following pictures from inside with one Fisher skylight shade cover with the 90% block material to show us what it looks like inside their home with a solar skylight screen on one skylight and no skylight screen on a second skylight next to it.  Notice how the glare is reduced and it is much easier to see through the skylight when the sun is shining. Which would you rather have?