Skylight Shades Ordered Most Often

Scroll down to see the skylight shades our customers order most often.  Our shades allow you to continue to see thru your skylight while reducing skylight heat, glare and UV up to 90%.  There are no tools required to install our skylight shades.  Just slip them over your skylight and our bungee system grips onto the skylight frame to hold the shade securely in place.  Our shades pay for themselves in utility savings during the hot summer months.  And your air conditioner will experience less wear. You will experience less heat build up in your living space, reduced glare on your TV and PC and a more comfortable environment. We have been selling our shades on line successfully since 2002. 

The Standard Dome Skylight Shades are for most of the smaller square and rectangular domed skylights. 

The Custom Non Standard Dome Skylight Shades are for all domed skylights that are not one of the standard dome sizes. These skylight shades are custom made just to fit your skylight.. 

The Flat Glass Skylight Shade are custom made just to fit your flat glass skylight. We make them for Velux, Wasco and many other skylight brands.


If you have any other type of skylight visit our Catalog.

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