Standard dome skylight covers may be returned at the customer's expense. The customer must call us for a return authorization. The only standard sizes we offer are for certain domed skylights.  We do not offer a standard size for every domed skylight since there are so many sizes of domed skylights sold on the market today.  Standard dome sizes may be returned as long as they are returned within 30 days of receipt and they have not been used.  They must be in the same condition as received.  Ordering errors can be avoided by reviewing the measurements listed on the order page or by calling us for guidance. If we shipped the product you ordered and you decide to return the product the outbound shipping will be deducted from your refund.

Custom and non standard skylight covers may not be returned.  Custom and non standard product is any dome size other than our standard dome sizes in addition to any other style of skylight (for example, flat, pyramid, trapezoid, multiple domed, continuous ridge, barrel vaulted and more).   Custom solar skylight covers are made per your exact specifications just to fit your skylight.  Once you order a custom solar skylight cover that solar skylight cover belongs to you.  To avoid any measuring errors when you place your order for a custom solar skylight screen please look at the drawings on the ordering page that illustrate the required measurements and measure your skylight precisely.  Please call us if you have any questions before placing your order.  Our goal is to only ship product that will fit your skylight and resolve your heat and glare issues.  If you call us we will guide you to the drawing with our required measurements by having you look at our drawing and the measurements we require that are illustrated on the drawing that matches your style of skylight. We do not come to your location to take measurements.  It is the responsibility of each customer to provide the measurements we require.


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