About Our Heat Blocking Skylight Shades

Heat Blocking Skylight Shades for Exterior Skylights

heatblocking skylight covers

The Fisher heat blocking skylight shades and covers have been solving skylight problems since 2002.  Our heat blocking skylight shades are made in the USA out of durable, long-lasting material.  The main mesh solar material is a flame-retardant vinyl coated wire and is mildew resistant. There is no stretch in the solar material. The marine grade shock bungee cord system is sewn into the outer perimeter of the cover and will stretch out over the skylight and skylight frame to grip onto the frame and hold the cover in place. You do not need to tie off the bungee like some other types of covers as it is continuous. You do not need any tools to install the heat blocking skylight shades.  Simply put the Fisher Heat-Blocker skylight shades on the skylight the same way you would put a fitted bedsheet on a mattress. 

Where to Buy Skylight Shades

We are your one-stop shop for where to buy skylight shades.  Our outdoor skylight covers are made for both residential and commercial skylights. Fisher products skylight covers are available in many shapes and sizes to meet your skylight cover needs.  Take a look at our catalog for options.  If you do not see the right skylight cover option in our catalog, please contact us for a custom skylight cover creation.          

Our see-through heat-blocker skylight covers are available in 2 material blocks and 2 colors:

80% material: Blocks up to 80% of the heat from the rays of the sun, up to 75% UV, and reduces glare. 

90% material: Blocks up to 90% of the heat from the rays of the sun, up to 90% UV, and reduces glare. 

Both material blocks are available in dark brown or light gray.  If you can see the skylights from the ground, we recommend that you select the color that matches your roof.  If you cannot see the skylights from the ground, we recommend that you select the dark brown color as it is the most often requested.

Measurement Tips for Non-Standard Order of HeatBlocker Skylight Covers

Measurements must be precise.  The drawing on the product page will illustrate the measurements we need in inches to the nearest .25 inch.  Select which block you want (80% or 90%) and which color (dark brown or light gray).  Enter your measurements into the corresponding measurement fields using decimal for fractions (.25, .5, .75). Enter how many shades you want to order in the quantity. Click on calculate price. When your measurements are entered the square footage of your skylight is calculated and the price per square foot is then listed for the item. 

The larger the item the lower the price per square foot. When you add the item to the shopping cart the price will be extended (square footage x price per square foot x quantity ordered). Keep in mind precise measurements are necessary to get a good fit so measure carefully and double check your measurement before placing your order.