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Solar Material Only

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We sell the solar material we use to manufacturer our exterior see thru solar skylight shades. Anyone who likes do it yourself products can use this material in many ways. For instance, do you receive direct sunlight on a glass door, any door or window allowing heat, glare and UV into your home or office making the inside area uncomfortable? You can use this solar material as screening material. Build a screen frame and use this material instead of regular screening material. Make the screen frame slightly smaller than the wooden window or door frame.  Put the solar material inside the frame.  Secure the frame to your outside window or door frame using levers at each corner and at the middle of each side and end. If your window has a screen on it install your new solar screen over the existing window screen. Install the new DIY frames during the hot summer months.  Remove them during the cooler winter months and store them in a garage or storage building away from contact with chemicals. This will not only increase your indoor comfort, it will save you money on high utility bills during the hot summer months.

If you give us the measurements in inches to the nearest .25 inch we will cut the material for you to your specifications. You can use the material in DIY projects.  Please enter the length and width dimensions you need in inches.  Use decimal format for any fractions.(example instead of 3/4 enter .75).

Price shown is the price per square foot.  Extended price will appear in the shopping cart. We cannot be responsible if you order using incorrect measurements.  Be sure to measure precisely or make your measurements slightly bigger than you need.