Round dome with dark brown skylight shade.

Round Dome Skylight Shades

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We make round dome skylight covers and shades. Round dome skylights are sometime called sun tunnels or tubular skylights.  The skylight frame is round with a dome or bubble on top.  Our exterior see thru sun tunnel covers start at $150 on up. 
Measure A the distance from the top outside edge of the skylight metal frame up over the highest part of the dome to the same place on the opposite side.
Measure B the distance around the circumference of the skylight metal frame.
Measure C the depth of the skylight metal frame (not to the roof).


Take your precise measurements. All measurements should be in inches to the nearest .25 inch. If in-between .25 inches round up to the next .25 inch.  Enter your measurements in inches and if not a whole number use decimal format for any non whole number (ex. do not enter 1/4, but instead enter .25). 

Select the material block you prefer. The 80% blocks up to 80% of the heat and glare from the rays  of the sun and up to 75% UV. The 90% blocks up to 90% of the heat and glare from the rays of the sun and up to 90% UV.  You can see thru both materials.

Select your preferred color. Color should be based upon the color that will blend in with your roof if you can see the skylights from the ground.  If you cannot see your skylights from the ground select the dark brown color.

Price shown is the price per square foot.  Extended price will appear in the shopping cart.  $175 minimum on any custom shade.

If you want to order the non see thru material please call us at 888-215-2569 for more information and pricing.