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All Standard Domed Skylight Shades

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On this page you can order the most common dome sizes of solar see thru exterior skylight shades for some square and rectangular standard domed sized skylights.  

Select your size. Standing inside under the skylight looking up first determine if you have a square or rectangular skylight.  If square is it 2'x2', 3'x3' or 4'x4'?  If retangle is it  2'x4'?  If yes, our standard shades for domes should fit your skylight. If no, then see our custom non standard dome skylight shades.

Select your color. Select the color that blends best with your roof if you can see the skylights from the ground.  If you cannot see your skylights from the ground select the dark brown color.

Select the solar material block you want to order. Both blocks are see thru. The 80% blocks glare, up to 80% of the heat from the rays of the sun and up to 75% UV. The 90% blocks glare, up to 90% of the heat from the rays of the sun and up to 90% UV.  

If you are not sure of the size of your skylight see our chart below. See the drawing in the pictures above with the illustrated measurements. A and B arch over the dome and include the top surface of the skylight metal frame.  C is the depth of the skylight metal frame.


Frame Size in Feet

Measure A  in inches Measure B in inches Measure C depth of frame in inches

2 x 2

27" thru 30" 27" thru 30" 1.5" thru 2.5"

2 x 3

27" thru 30" 37.5" thru 40.5" 1.5" thru 2.5"

2 x 4

28.5" thru 31.5" 51.5" thru 54.5" 1.5" thru 2.5"

3 x 3

41" thru 44" 41" thru 44" 1.5" thru 2.5"

4 x 4

51.5" thru 54.5" 51.5" thru 54.5 " 1.5" thru 2.5"


If your domed skylight is a different size or if you have a different type of skylight (flat glass, continuous ridge, barrel vaulted, pyramid, trapezoid, etc.) we can make custom skylight shades and covers for those skylights. Click on the Catalog and select the picture that looks like your skylight.

In additional to the 80% and 90% solar UV see thru heat blocking materials, we also offer a 100% light and heat block material. Please call us at 803-222-4107  for more information.