Skylight Covers Outside for Protection from Damaging UV Rays Inside

Skylight Covers Outside for Protection from Damaging UV Rays Inside

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Fisher HeatBlocker Skylight Covers are skylight covers outside that fit over your existing skylights on your home or office.  These exterior skylight shades are more effective than interior blinds or tinting due to the key function of stopping damaging UV rays before they enter your skylight.  Interior skylight tinting allows heat and harmful UV rays to pass through the skylight and enter your home – the heat is trapped and reflected back toward your skylight weather seal – this causes unnecessary damage and wear-and-tear for your skylight and will ruin your skylight’s weather seal, create condensation, and wreak havoc on your skylight’s insulation functioning. 

How Exterior Skylight Covers Work

Exterior skylight covers will stop the heat before it ever hits your skylight or enters your home/office.  The key factor to adding years to your skylight, reducing energy consumption, and reducing heat intake in your home is to stop the UV rays from ever entering your home.  Fisher products skylight covers for the outside will save you an average of 25% on Air-Conditioning bills during warmer weather.  Your HVAC unit will run less and you will notice a constant, comfortable room temperature throughout your household, including rooms where skylights are present. Browse our catalog of products.

Outdoor Skylight Covers: Block the Heat. Not the View.

Our skylight covers outside are made in the USA.  The vinyl coated skylight covers are made of recyclable material.  They can easily be installed on residential or commercial skylights.  Simply slip our exterior skylight covers over the outside of your skylight to block the sun’s heat and harmful UV rays before they enter your home or workplace – no tools required!  Our outdoor skylight covers are reasonably priced, energy-efficient, and cost-efficient; they will likely pay for themselves in just one season of use.  You can protect your home, furniture, and your loved ones from the damaging UV rays while still enjoying the natural light and ambiance of your skylights when you install outside mount skylight shades.  You will notice a 90% reduction in glare but still enjoy that beautiful sky view.  Call us to learn more at 888-215-2569 or contact us online.