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Benefits of a Fisher HeatBlocker Skylight Shade

Fisher HeatBlocker skylight shades can save you money. Our shades offer green benefits, such as savings on A/C utilities, protect people, home and work place from harmful UV rays and the material is recyclable. Our skylight shades will cover your skylight allowing you to see out of your skylight so you can enjoy your skylight. Since they are installed on the skylight exterior they block harmful heat and UV rays before it enters the home or workplace. The bungee system is sewn into the cover and will grip onto the skylight frame so there are no tools required to install and installation is easy. Interior skylight window blinds do not block heat before it enters the indoor space and can heat up the room.  Below is a list of some more benefits.  And, our products are made right here in the USA. Fisher Products sells our see thru solar exterior skylight covers to block out heat.  These are sometimes referred to as exterior sun shades for skylights. Solar skylight covers are skylight shades that block skylight heat, UV and glare up to 90% and easily slip over the outside of the skylight to block the sun's heat transfer into your home or office while providing light and outward visibility. No tools are required to install. Our product can be used on both commercial skylights and residential skylights.
  • Reduce your air conditioning bill in summer by blocking up to 80% to 90% of the heat generated from your skylight while letting light through your skylight.
  • Reduce furniture and carpet fading due to UV from your skylight.
  • Reduce wind chill factor and frost build-up on your skylight in winter.
  • Reduce broken skylight lens during hail storms.
  • Can be used to cover clear, bronze or frosted skylights.
  • Reasonable prices 
  • Are easy to install. 
  • No tools required.

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